Substance Abuse

Alcohol and substance use

When I began my work at a community based addictions agency, I was struck by the number of clients I met who had experienced an early life trauma, such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, or the loss of a dearly loved family member.

My years of trauma training and my day to day work in that area served me well and provided the incentive to build on what I had already been trained to do in order to respond to the needs of clients.

When substance use is a result of trauma, the trauma symptoms need to be addressed. Substance use serves as a relief for many feelings such as grief, loss, rejection, and much more. Whether you have a substance use problem or grew up in a home where there was substance use, counselling can help you learn to better understand the impact it had on you in the past and in the present.

New research continues to support the genetic, biological and biochemical contributions to substance use disorders. One study suggests that every day an alcoholic affects four people in his or her immediate environment, and sixteen other people outside that environment (Kleber,1997).

I am trained in harm reduction, which uses a variety of strategies from lessening the harm to abstinence. I can help with learning to identify and reduce triggers, urges and obsessive thoughts. By gaining a greater acceptance of yourself and the everyday challenges life imposes, you will be better able to handle urges and cravings. Clinical hypnotherapy may serve as an added adjunct to your treatment program.

I also welcome families to come for counselling when substance abuse has affected their lives.

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