My Background

My curiosity about the human condition and compassion for the dignity of everyone naturally led to a career in social work. I attended York University for my Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work degrees, but I am always upgrading my training to incorporate new techniques and insights in the fields of counselling and psychotherapy.

My twenty-five years of experience includes work in women’s shelters, a sexual assault centre, addiction services and family services. I have counselled individuals, couples and families and facilitated groups for women and men who are dealing with addiction, childhood sexual abuse, substance abuse, domestic violence, and LGBTTQ-related issues, among others. I have also worked extensively with youth and volunteers, setting up programs and services, organizing events, and giving talks.

It brings me great joy and satisfaction to support people in making meaning of their lives. People make such a gift when they trust me enough to share the parts of themselves that they struggle with, and allow me to help them transform their lives.


My services are covered under most insurance plans.
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